the story

Without realizing it, I believe that I have been building Craft South my whole life. I have been blessed to create, write, share, teach, inspire- mostly from a messy desk at home, surrounded by family and too many ideas. And at the heart of all the making has always been a story. Like you, I keep retelling it with every new project. And because of the online world world we live in, I have the fortune of spreading my story to every corner of the globe. Craft South will bring some of the love back home to Nashville and provide a supportive environment for learning, sharing and creating together. In person and for real. You are invited. This Summer, Craft South exists as pop-up shops, one-day workshops, kids workshops, and weekend workshops which will also welcome the creative industry's most talented lot. These women are also my dear friends. We will sew. Eat. Drink. Laugh. And maybe sew some more. See what each month holds below. And keep your eyes peeled for a permanent home for Craft South soon!
xo, Anna Maria